Same rules apply here as in the previous post. If you missed it it’s about 4 posts down on the main page. These are all loose cars, previous post is carded cars.

These are all loose cars that were destined as wheel donors, custom fodder or to my daughter’s play box. As such there is no guarantee in quality of condition. Some are in near mint shape and some have seen the sand box and then some.

First come first serve, though open trades will take priority if counter offers aren’t prompt.


Call the parking lot, row and car description. Numbered top to bottom, left to right like you are reading a book. 3 parking lots.


Example: L1R3 is a blue McLaren P1

Pro tip: THIS IS HOW YOU TAKE PICTURES OF LARGE TRADE PILES! By that I mean side profiles, obviously there is no real organization here.

Lot 1


Lot 2

Lot 3